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Signature Programs

Unlock Your Blocks

 Through 4 weekly in-person sessions, you will be supported and guided as you jump-start your journey and use your intuition to work through past and current blocks so you can start to heal and step into alignment with your soul's purpose. 

This program is for you if you:

  • Are just starting on your spiritual journey and can't seem to move forward or you just aren't sure how

  • Have a spiritual awareness and want support and spiritual guidance to strengthen your trust in your intuition

  • Want to learn new self-development processes and tools to work through and clear blocks

  • Are looking for a short term, beneficial program that provides information you can implement whenever you need, on your time

DeFunk Your Soul

In this 6 month intensive signature healing container, you will follow a 5-module program of transformation and growth on your journey.


During this program, you will:

  • Gain spiritual awareness through Intentional Connection with the Universe

  • Establish an intimate relationship with your Spirit Team and Higher Self or oneness to create the life of your dreams

  • Discover your authentic self to live in your truth of joy, happiness and connectedness

  • Unlock your inner wisdom for quantum healing and growth without the burnout

  • Unblock your energy systems so you can align your purpose with your life

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