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The Empowered Empath  BootKamp

Go From Emotionally Frazzled to Empowered Freedom + Reclaim Your Power in 12 Weeks

Do you relate with any of the statements below?

I am sensitive to the feelings of others and often over-analyze experiences when emotions are involved

I get overwhelmed around people, especially in crowds or groups

I take on other people's emotions as my own and sometimes have a hard time discerning which are mine

I can become sad and/or ill when I watch the news or hear about bad things happening in the world

I feel drained and exhausted at times, even when I haven't participated in any physical activity

I attract people who use me or have narcissistic/ toxic traits and have a hard time setting healthy boundaries

Being an empath is not easy.  It can be difficult to cultivate healthy relationships, trust your intuition, feel energized and not carry the weight of the world's problems on your shoulders...


Here's the thing- there is nothing WRONG with you!  In fact, it's quite the opposite.

You have been gifted this beautiful ability to feel deeply, you are connected to all that is and you are lucky enough to get to experience life in 5D.  Life can be serendipitous as an empath, especially when you lean in and accept the uniqueness that is you! 

Take a moment to visualize or feel what it would be like if you:

~ felt calm + confident throughout your day 


~ thrived in crowds, free from overwhelm

~ were able to discern your own feelings from feeling of others

~ cultivated and maintained healthy relationships


~ set boundaries to preserve your energy so as not to feel drained + depleted

 ~ saw your 'sensitivity" as the amazing gift it is instead of a weakness or as being soft

~ fully trusted your intuition to guide + protect you



These are some examples of what being an Empowered Empath can look like.  

In this 12-week intuitive healing container, you will follow your soul's open road map of discovery + growth to unlock your inner wisdom and step into your power.

During this healing container, you will:

~ Embark on a heart-centered vision quest to connect with your higher self for a deep transition of self-love + acceptance
- Establish healthy boundaries with everyone and everything in your life
- Discover + own your authentic self to live without overwhelm + exhaustion

- Learn how to protect your energy through guided meditations + other energy healing techniques
- Create a spiritual practice to build a foundation of trust with your intuition

Here's a preview of  what the 12 weeks we will spend together looks like:

Week 1: Intro to Being an Empath

Learn what an empath is, traits and other relatable facts to gain a clear understanding of what being an empath is all about.

Week 2: Guided Journey to Connect With Your Higher Self

Embark on a heart-centered vision quest to connect with your higher self and/or spirit team to gain a deeper knowledge of what you need to let go in order to achieve deep self-love + acceptance.

Week 3: Intuition Mission

Establish a foundation of trust in yourself and your intuition through fun exercises and energy block clearings.


Week 4: Chakras + Auras

Develop a clearer understanding of your energy field and internal energy centers.


Week 5: Energy Vampires + How to Protect Your Energy

Learn the different types of energy vampires and how to protect your energy from being sucked dry!


Week 6: Creating a Spiritual Practice using Divination tools

Explore different types of healing + energy connection enhancements such as oracle cards, crystals, sage + palo santo, pendulums, oils, nature... the list goes on!


Week 7: Cont. Practice with Divination Tools

More time to play with divination tools and practice using them!

Week 8: Energy Cleansings, Smudging + Cutting Cords

Develop the skills to cleanse your own energy field/aura and surrounding spaces as well as detach energetic cords that are holding you back from growth.

Week 9: Guided Meditations for Releasing Energy + Other Techniques

Open yourself up for the opportunity to release + heal!

Week 10: Clairs Mini Master Class Part 1

Discover your inner or clair senses through simple exercises, learn your strong ones have the opportunity to work on the ones that aren't as prominent.

Week 11: Clairs Mini Master Class Part 2

Extra time for extra discovery!

Week 12: Empowered Empath Hypnotherapy Session

Step into freedom and empowerment during this motivational, uplifting guided session.

The result?

You will:

  • Experience freedom and liberation from the old patterns of behavior that kept you feeling used, overwhelmed + drained 

  • Create your own space of calm and protection, despite your circumstances

  • Forge a deeper connection with your truths and move past the worries and fears that have held you back

  • Achieve the higher self connection of love + compassion that will spill out into everything you say and do

  • Have all the tools to support you as you become an Empowered Empath

How it works:

This is a virtual  and in-person group container.  You have the option to choose from a couple of days/times that work best for your schedule for your sessions.  We will meet each week x 12 weeks via Zoom (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) or in-person at EnerBalance Wellness Center (Fridays) for 90 minutes.  You will receive a PDF workbook filled with exercises to work on between sessions as well as a goody bag filled with helpful tools to use during and after sessions.  


This is a safe space of non-judgement so I encourage you to participate when suggested to get the full benefits of the sessions.  You will never be asked to be on screen against your will or to share anything you don't feel comfortable sharing.

Each session will be recorded and you will have access to them anytime you want (just in case you are unable to make it to a session or simply want to rewatch it).








It really comes down to two choices:

Continue to do what you've always done.  Allow yourself to remain "stuck" in your circumstances and maybe one day you will find a reason to change...maybe.

Invest in yourself and your energy.  Take the leap toward a foundational transition in your life.  Become an Empowered Empath and reclaim your power!


Still not sure if you are an empath?  Take this quiz to find out.  

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