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Transform Your Thoughts +Take Control Of Your Life With  Hypnotherapy

Non-invasive and effective solution for Weight Loss, Smoking, Anxiety, Phobias and more

Improve your relationships and live the life you deserve

1:1 in person and virtual sessions with a recorded audio copy of your session

How Clinical Hypnotherapy Can Help You

From overeating and excess weight gain to mental disorders such as anorexia and/or bulimia, hypnotherapy helps you to change the way you think and feel about your body and weight.  When you are able to feel good about yourself, you increase your motivation to change in healthy ways.


There are several stages of grief when we experience loss of any kind.  Hypnosis is not meant to replace traditional therapy but is a useful and effective tool when addressing grief reactions such as sleep issues, PTSD and depressive tendencies.

Depression + Mood Disorders

Hypnosis is a powerful tool when it comes to taking control of your health.  It has been proven to be effective in decreasing and even dissipating depressive thoughts and tendencies as well as many benefits with other mood disorders such as PTSD and in some cases Bipolar Disorder (under the direction of and combined with psychotherapy).

Headaches + Migraines

Hypnotherapy is great at addressing pain management when it comes to headaches and migraines by inducing a deep state of relaxation.  This allows for the release of stress and other symptoms associated.

Marriage Stress/Infidelity

Marriage is hard, especially when infidelity has taken place.  Whether you are working towards mending the relationship or have made the decision to move on, hypnotherapy can provide the empowerment you are searching for to make the positive changes you want to make to move forward.

Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Hypnosis is used as a proven effective tool to utilize before, during and after radiation and/or chemotherapy treatments to help with nausea and vomiting as well as body image with dysmorphia caused by cancer or surgeries.

Fatigue + Exhaustion

It's easy to find ourselves in a state of exhaustion or lacking extra energy, especially with work and families and the demands of everyday life.  Hypnosis is an effective tool to help to rewire the neural pathways and negative sleep associations so you can discover better sleep patterns, thus allowing for a more productive, focused and energy-filled day.

Anxiety + Stress

As humans, we all carry some form of stress that can lead to anxiety in our everyday lives.  Through hypnosis, you are able to release stress and anxiety and wake up each day feeling calm, confident and happy.


I'm not pretty/handsome enough.  I don't have enough friends.  I'm not thin enough.  I'm not smart enough.  I don't fit in.  We all have things about ourselves we just don't vibe with and sometimes we can even project our own lack of self worth on others (jealousy).  Changing our thoughts about the way we feel about ourselves ensures we are projecting what we want to reflect to others.


According to the Institute of Behavioral Sciences, hypnotherapy has been found to reduce symptoms associated with ADD + ADHD by emphasizing positive suggestions of well-being and joy versus just eliminating the associated symptoms.  OCD symptoms can be removed as well as reducing the stress and anxiety associated with the disorder and overall symptoms.


Addictions can come in the form of alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, shopping, eating and anything else you have a more than strong desire for.  Addictions can take over our lives if we are not careful but when we are ready to change our behaviors, hypnosis hands over the power to us to make those healthy changes.


Intimacy issues can occur when emotionally stressful or difficult situations in relationships arise and are not dealt with in a healthy manner.   Intimacy is a feeling of connection.  Using hypnotherapy can be a very beneficial way to break down the barriers that hold you back in your relationships.


Procrastination is not the same as laziness.  Our subconscious is very receptive to positive suggestions and commands which are beneficial to help change unwanted thought patterns.  When we are thinking good thoughts we are more receptive to be motivated to make positive changes.

Motivation + Empowerment

We can all use extra motivation and have the need for empowerment for a variety of reasons during our life.  Hypnotherapy is such an amazing tool as it works directly with your subconscious, where the thoughts start to change the negative, unwanted thoughts to positive thoughts that are beneficial to your well-being.

Smoking Cessation

Whether you have smoked "all your life", found yourself on the vaping bandwagon or partake only in social scenes, you have the power to remove the false label of SMOKER from you now.  Smoking doesn't have to be your identity if you are ready to say no more!

Fears + Phobias

We all have them- public speaking, heights, snakes, the dark, storms, being alone... fears and phobias can hold us back from being our best self.  Here's the thing, it's all in your head, literally. ​ When we are able to view things from a different perspective, we find that the things we once feared now hold no tangible value or significance in our lives any longer.

Chronic Pains

What if I told you that we can change the way our pain receptors respond and react to stimuli when it comes to physical aches and pains within our body?  Hypnosis helps to accomplish this through direct commands and positive suggestions so you can take control of how you feel and your overall health.


Anger and rage issues can eat at you from the inside out so it's important to find healthy ways to change these toxic thought patterns.  Hypnotherapy helps to identify the underlying source of anger as well as acts as an effective tool for positive change in regards to thought patterns.

Bad Habits

From nail biting and not exercising to unhealthy sleep patterns, slouching and overspending, bad habits happen when we have unhealthy thought patterns and negative self talk.  Hypnotherapy allows us to become aware and gain control of our impulses while developing new, healthy behavior patterns.

Chronic Pains

Physical pains and other ailments that cause dis-ease in the body can be reduced and even eliminated through clinical hypnotherapy by identifying the root cause.  Hypnosis consistently produces significant decreases in chronic pain symptoms according to studies done by Mayo Clinic.

Life Changes

Changes in life are inevitable but it doesn't always mean we are happy about it or even ready for it.  Hypnotherapy is an effective healing tool to shift your mindset from the "happening to you" to the "happening for you" mentality.  When you change your perspective, change can be exciting and challenges can turn into opportunities for growth.

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What Is Hypnotherapy + How Does It Work?

Clinical hypnotherapy is a healing modality that changes or heightens your state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for focus and concentration on a subconscious level.  A certified hypnotherapist will guide you into a deeper state of relaxation (aka the daydream state)  using repetitive, positive verbal commands + suggestions as well as mental images to create an inner experience through emotion and cognition. ​ Your subconscious is where all thoughts start and it holds all of your memories, beliefs, emotions, addictions, traumas....all the info of you.  Hypnosis allows you to take in new thought patterns and positive beliefs directly through the subconscious, bypassing the conscious part of your mind that can overthink and overanalyze matters. ​ There are two parts to a hypnotherapy session.  During the first 10-15 minutes you will participate in a guided relaxation to allow your entire body to become completely relaxed and comfortable.  Once in this relaxed state, you will be guided further on your journey of change through verbal + repetitive direct commands and positive suggestions.  This lasts between 15-30 minutes depending on what is being addressed.

Hypnotherapy Myth #1

I am not able to become hypnotized.

Fact: You use hypnosis on multiple occasions, probably daily.  If you have ever been driving and you "zone out" or been really into a movie and didn't hear your loved one trying to get your attention, that's what hypnosis is like- the daydream state.  

3 Key Components To A Successful Hypnosis Session

In order to have the most beneficial, successful hypnotherapy experience, you must: Truly want what it is you are changing. It can't be because you think you should or because it will please someone else.  Your want to change has to be yours and only yours.  When you have the want or will to change something, hypnosis hands the power over to you to make those changes. ​ Relax to the best of your ability.  This does not mean you have to become a statue or even know how to meditate.  This is just about allowing your body to rest.  Your mind may even wander from time to time and that's okay too. ​ Use your imagination.  You read that right, play along with the words you hear during your experience.  Your subconscious responds to images so the more you can imagine or visualize in your mind what I am saying, your subconscious will start to take those images in as your truth.  So, if you are told your eyes are so heavy you can't open them, pretend or imagine what that would feel like and act as if.

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