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Unlock Your Blocks

A 4-Week Beginner's Healing Quest

We all feel blocked in different ways from time to time.  Whether you are starting your journey or are just feeling "stuck" and can't seem to move forward,  this introductory course is a great.  You will be supported and guided as you jump-start your quest and use your intuition to work through past and current blocks so you can start to heal and step into alignment with your soul's purpose.


This healing container is divided into 4 weekly, 90 minute sessions.  During each session, you will have the opportunity to work through and clear energy blocks holding you back from your greatness.  In addition, you will receive a workbook, broken down into 4, easy-to-digest sections that you can work on at your own pace.  The great thing about this workbook is that it can be used again and again, when any block shows up throughout your journey!

This program is for you if you:

  • are just starting on your spiritual journey and can't seem to move forward or you just aren't sure how

  • have a spiritual awareness and want support and spiritual guidance to strengthen your trust in your intuition

  • want to learn new self-development processes and tools to work through and clear blocks

  • are looking for a short term, beneficial program that provides information you can implement whenever you need, on your time

Here's a preview of the 4-week program workbook:

1: Bringing Awareness to Your Energy

You will learn about the 7 levels of energy every individual can experience, participate in exercises to break down and break through current energy blocks, learn how to connect to the abundant energy around you and tune into your own body energy connection.

The result? 

You will:

  • Be able to identify the different levels of energy as well as where yourself and others' energy levels are at any given moment

  • Establish a mind, body and soul connection with nature

  • Have the tools to tune into your own energy field for a stronger connection with self

2: Discover Your Soul Connection

During this section, you will learn about the 7 chakras (your energy centers) and the importance of keeping them open and aligned.  You will also be introduced to your intuition, learn how to know when yours is trying to communicate and techniques on how to communicate back effectively

The result? 

You will:

  • Have a better understanding of your energy 

  • Develop a strong trust in your intuition that will become unmistakable and unshakable 

  • Become fluent in Intuition-ese as you learn your own intuition language and the way your intuition speaks to you

3: Releasing + Acceptance

Get ready to get your energy flowing in a different direction.  During this section, you will learn techniques to forgive the past, let go of the attachments and change your perspective to a positive one for this moment and beyond.  You will have the opportunity to engage in a little "shadow" work so you can release those thought patterns and/or emotions to experiences out of your control and learn to focus on what's most!

The result? 

You will:

  • Feel lighter and calmer as you discover and let go of thoughts no longer serving you

  • Define new thought patterns that create a new reality for you

  • Forgive yourself and others (if you choose) and find joy in this moment

4: Conscious Choice ~ Trusting The Process

Once you have awareness, find your connection, release what no longer serves you and accept what is, you will have the opportunity to create  your new reality, the reality YOU want by inviting positivity and gratitude into your existence.  It's about acting on your choices and allowing them to form and flourish as they will.​

The result? 

You will:

  • Define a gratitude practice that works for you

  • Have the tools to change the way you feel about a situation or experience

  • Gain the confidence to trust your intuition and the process to guide you

 Three (3) sessions will take place at EnerBalance Holistic Healing Wellness Center with one (1) session taking place outdoors at a designated location as you engage in each 90 minute weekly coaching session (weather permitting).  You will also receive a printed + PDF Workbook filled with exercises and helpful tips.
BONUS: As a gift, you will receive a copy of the "EnerBalance Self-Care Tips and Tricks as well as "My 12 Month Manifesting Journal".


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