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Discover Your True North MasterClass

3 Essential Keys to Aligning With Your Your Soul's Blueprint +

Becoming the Master Creator of Your Purposeful Life


Hosted by Jenny Burton,
Creator of the DeFunk Your Soul Transformational System

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the motions, day in and day out, without a clear sense of purpose?  


It’s almost as if you're stuck on a hamster wheel, constantly running in circles without making any real progress, do you know what I mean?


Take a moment to imagine what your life would look like if you could gain a deeper understanding of your unique path and purpose in this world.

Imagine being filled with clarity, joy, pleasure, passion, excitement and freedom, day after day, moment after moment.  Sounds too good to be true, right?


What if I told you it wasn’t?  In fact, there is a 3-step system that can help you align your thoughts, beliefs, and actions with your soul's calling.

I'm thrilled to introduce my FREE Breakthrough Masterclass called “Discover Your True North: 3 Essential Keys to Aligning With Your Soul’s Journey and Becoming the Master Creator of Your Purposeful Life”.

This is no ordinary masterclass because you deserve so much more than that! 


During our time together, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery to align with your true purpose and unlock your full potential as a creator of your own destiny. By reconnecting with your inner compass, or True North as we like to call it, you will gain the clarity and direction needed to step into your power and live a purposeful life.


I have combined these simple yet profound principles (that have helped thousands of people around the world to create an extraordinary life) into an easy-to-digest system that creates breakthroughs for those who are ready and committed to manifesting their desires into reality.  Don’t let this chance pass you by…

Join us for this transformative masterclass where we will explore the 3 essential keys to aligning with your soul's blueprint and manifesting the life of your dreams.


Learn to trust in the guidance of your inner compass and let your true North lead the way to your highest expression of self.

Register today.

*All registrants will receive the recording of this live masterclass, PDF Workbook, access go our private online Facebook community and a couple of Bonus Gifts so you can continue to live in the flow of alignment!

During This LIVE Breakthrough MasterClass, You Will Learn How to:

What You Will Receive:

Live Online Breakthrough MasterClass 

Easy-To-Follow Workbook 

Private Online Facebook Community of Support

Permanent Access To Emailed Recorded Session 

Coupon For Free Consultation/Soul Discovery Session

Bonuses (Valued at $597)

All of this for FREE!!
($997 Value)
I'm simply asking you to dedicate your time and energy

T. Clevinger, SC

"You nailed it with this class!  I have spent so much time and money trying to 'find my way' and how this was laid out help me to gain clarity around where I have been blocking myself.  I can't wait to continue working with the techniques I learned. "

R. Henry, MI

"I really feel like I can trust what my intuition is telling me- thank you for teaching me the super easy techniques!"

Dr. D. Johnson, AL

"I am so glad I found your class- the way you explain all the things about our intuition and how we are connected to ourselves has help me tremendously!  I feel like I am finally in the driver seat of my destiny!! "

Connect deeply with your Inner  Compass

Rock Balancing

 Reclaim Your Soul's Purpose  and step into Alignment

Laptop Keyboard

Have lifetime access to the recordings so you can continue to Grow

Hey there, I'm Jenny~

As a Spiritual Leader + Intuitive Development Mentor + Guide, I understand the importance of discovering your True North to help you navigate through your life's journey.

I'm so excited to be hosting this 1-Day Intensive Breakthrough MasterClass where I will share the knowledge for you to unlock the secrets of your soul's unique path and create a life that resonates with your true essence.

For the longest time, Whoa-oh-oh...wait, I may be showing my age here but if you know, you know.  Back to it- for the longest time I struggled with finding my path and purpose.  I had no idea what connecting with your inner knowing even meant.  If you had told me I could CHANGE these conditioned beliefs and false patterns I had created over my lifetime and could CREATE new beliefs and patterns that are aligned with my values and purpose, my only thought would've been, "Yeah right, wouldn't that be nice?!" 


That couldn't be further from the truth!!


Fast forward to today, I help "stuck and funked up" people get out of their limiting beliefs and into alignment with their true knowing so they can become the master creators of their best, purposeful lives.

If you are ready to gain a deeper understanding of how to connect with your inner compass to gain more clarity, confidence, and a more profound self-connection so you can reclaim your SOUL ALIGNMENT, you have found yourself in the right place.  Welcome, friend!  I'm so grateful you are here!!


Just Imagine What's Possible for YOU During Intuition Challenge Week!

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