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Hey there, Beautiful Soul!

I’m Jenny and I guide the “funked up” version of you to break free from self-limitation + self-sabotage, reclaim your self-worth and become UNFUNKABLE.  

I combine a unique blend of quantum metaphysics,  psychology, energy medicine and psychic mediumship to help you discover and develop your intuitive gifts so you can live a purposefully aligned life.

I have helped hundreds of empaths, light workers, holistic practitioners and spiritual entrepreneurs just like you to step out of their own way and into the flow of living in abundance and joy, seeing the world as happening FOR you and embracing the beauty in your SOULful journey!


Heal + Grow With Me at EnerBalance 

EnerBalance Hypnotherapy + Holistic Healing Center is your #1 Solution in the Upstate and beyond for addressing and resolving issues such as Grief + Loss, Weight, Anxiety, Smoking, Fears, Phobias, Dependencies, Self-Development and more!  

In this wellness center, I offer Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Guidance + Intuitive Development services to aid you in the facilitation of self-healing and growth.


I'm here to guide you on your healing journey.

Northern Lights

Transformation Starts With You

Shift Your Thoughts     Change Your Behaviors     Transform Your Life

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

 Safe, effective and non-invasive solution to resolving issues for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Fears, Dependencies, Self-Development and more by shifting your thoughts to change your behaviors.

Session Options:

  • Hypnotherapy Consult

  • Consult/1st Session Combo

  • Hypno Follow-Up Sessions

  • Life + Past Life Regression

Spiritual Growth + Development

Intuitive guidance when you are ready to explore your inner self through energy medicine, intuitive talk-therapy, heart-centered soul guidance and purpose-driven mentorship programs.

Session Options:

  • Consultation/Soul Discovery Session

  • Reiki Healing Therapy

  • Purposeful Life Mentorship Sessions

  • Intuitive Development Online Membership

  • DeFunk Your Soul 6-Month Transformational Healing Container


Metaphysics +Divination Tools  Grief and Growth

Every single one of us experiences some type of grief and loss throughout our lives, whether it is through losing a loved one, a job, a home, a pet or even ourselves.  Growth happens as a result of processing this category of emotions (grief is not just one emotion).  Metaphysical practices and divination tools are often used to connect with the universal energy that allows the processing and growth to occur. 

Session Options:

  • Oracle Card Reading

  • Spirit Energy/Medium Reading

  • Home and Office Energy Cleansing

  • End-of-Life Transition Counseling

Click below to listen to my Stress + Anxiety Release Recorded Hypnotherapy Session

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Your Journey Starts Here

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20 Creekview Ct.
Ste. C
Greenville, SC 29615

Sessions available by appointment only

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Jenny Burton

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