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DeFunk Your Soul

Become UnFunkable and Step Into Your True Authenticity

Discovering your authentic self and living in your truth can feel overwhelming, vulnerable and even impossible when you have been living in your untruths (the untrue BS, conditioned stories you've been telling yourself and possibly even believing) for so long.  It can seem easier to stay in that lower vibrational, mucky energy, even when it isn't serving you and your highest purpose simply because it's comfortable and what you know.

Even so, you keep feeling this gentle nudge, hearing this little voice or thought that quietly whispers,  "You really do DESERVE to enjoy life"...and deep down, you know it's true.  You have found yourself here for a reason.  It's time to get comfortable in the uncomfortable~ this is where the growth happens!  Nobody said it's going to be easy but with my guidance and support, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking your inner wisdom for quantum growth and healing.  This is why I have created the DeFunk Your Soul program.

In this 6-month intensive signature healing container, you will follow my proven 3-Step HUG Method™ of transformation and growth on your journey.  

During this healing container, you will:
- Gain spiritual awareness through Intentional Connection with the Universe
- Establish an intimate relationship with your Spirit Team and Higher Self or oneness to create the life of your dreams
- Discover your authentic self to live in your truth of joy, happiness and connectedness to all

- Unblock your energy systems so you can align your purpose with your life
- Unlock your inner wisdom for quantum healing and growth without the burnout

Here's a preview of the 3-step program:

Step 1: Heal 

We start by healing the pathway to your past patterns and self-limiting beliefs so you can create an intentional connection with yourself, the Universe and your Spirit Tribe.

Intentional Connection

Your healing container begins by being introduced to Source, the Universal Life Force Energy.  You’ll be given an open road soul map that leads you on a heart-centered journey of co-creation. You will learn to connect with your own divine spirit (soul-self) and  begin to align your soul with your purpose.  You’ll learn how to create and implement a spiritual practice that embodies the intentional connection between the mind, body, soul and the Universal Creative Spirit. 

The result? 

You will:

  • Have the tools to “tap into Source” whenever and wherever you need to become centered and grounded

  • Establish a mind, body and soul connection with the Universe

  • Feel guided and supported as you create an intimate relationship with your soul self

  • Understand the connection of being one with all that is

 Authentic Essence

Next, you will establish who YOU are. You’ve been conditioned to live out the story you’ve been telling yourself for far too long.  Now it’s time to cultivate the true, authentic essence of you…your values, your passions, your desires…your unique existence in this world.  You’ll learn to live in your truth as you develop your self-esteem and self-worth, creating changes within that drive positive results in all areas of your life.

The result?

You will: 

  • Define and own your authentic truth

  • Know how to set intentions and boundaries that embody your values

  • Break through the “body talk” language barrier and tune in to what your intuition is telling you

  • Unlock your inner wisdom for quantum growth and healing

  • Create a new vision for your life’s  journey that is in tune with your flow

2: Out of the Shadows

Now that you have a strong connection with Source and a powerful relationship with your true essence, the real transformation of DeFunking Your Soul through shadow work begins.  You’ll learn what your inner shadows are and how to bring them to light.  You’ll identify and release repressed attachments that have been shoved down to your core, using up your energy and keep you from stepping into your power.  Shadow work is designed to help you accept and integrate every single part of yourself so you can live in your authenticity with more clarity.

The result?

You will:

  • Develop self-awareness, self-acceptance and compassion

  • Connect with your whole self and show up more confidently

  • Build better relationships with others as you practice self-acceptance

  • Experience quantum healing, letting go of guilt and shame that was never yours to claim and learn to live in harmony at the frequency of your soul’s vibration.

  • Embrace your creativity and authentic expression, and transform your shadow projections into positive change and growth with a strong foundation

3: Mindset Mastery

Next, you will have the opportunity to change the way you think and feel about yourself by changing the way you react to your learned patterns of behavior.  If you have the will and the want to change something about yourself that is no longer serving you in the moment, you have the absolute power to rewrite your script.  By reclaiming your power, you are telling the Universe you deserve joy, peace and contentment in your life.  As you think, you vibrate.  As you vibrate, you attract.  What you attract becomes your reality. 

The result?

You will:

  • Build beliefs that support your values, passions and purpose

  • Cultivate a positive way of thinking and being,  taking control and driving towards your destiny instead of letting your ego gremlin lead the way 

  • Release untruths you have been carrying so you can move forward with clarity and a sense of inner peace

  • Experience life on your terms, inviting in peace, joy and fulfillment into every day

  • Wake up and go to sleep with a newfound sense of hope, opportunity and purpose

 Heart-Centered Vision Quest

Now, you are ready to embark on the most important part of your journey, welcoming peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment into your life.  You will learn to shift into your higher emotional body and expand your awareness to view every living thing through the eyes of love, compassion, kindness, empathy, non-judgement and forgiveness.  You’ll experience quantum spiritual and personal growth so you can move forward, fearlessly exploring the unknown, viewing it as opportunity and adventure. You will manifest your dreams and desires into reality, effortlessly, allowing the flow of the divine to guide you.

The result?

You will:

  • Have all the tools to support you as you create your clear vision for your life

  • Welcome the childlike wonder into your everyday living, enhancing your spontaneity and playful spirit

  • Forge a deeper connection with your truths and move past the worries and fears that have held you back

  • Reignite your passion and create your own happiness, despite your circumstances

  • Experience freedom and liberation from the old patterns of behavior that created self-judgment and and feelings of unworthiness

When you complete this healing container, you will have all the inner knowings to reclaim your greatness and embody your true, authentic self.  You will have greater purpose and feel motivated and inspired to take actionable steps that lead to massive breakthroughs.  You will feel confident in shining your light, leading by example and expanding your vision and mission as you grow and evolve.  You will develop and implement boundaries that are in alignment with your values and purpose.  You will give yourself permission to be heard, to feel, to be vulnerable, to be loved and supported the way you desire in this moment.  Once you have identified what you want out of your life, you have won half the battle.  From there, it will be up to you to claim it and make it yours!

You will:

  • Develop and implement a spiritual practice to create a strong, deep connection with the Universe

  • Embrace the true authenticity of YOU; living in your values and passions

  • Establish healthy boundaries to  prioritize self-giving and giving-self

  • Incorporate the tools necessary to remove blocks in your energy systems to align your soul with your purpose so you can evolve into your true essence

The end result?? 


More purpose, more meaning and more joy in your life that will spill out into everything you say and do! 

Step into alignment with the divine flow of universal energy and Defunk Your Soul

You will be introduced to several healing modalities such as meditation, hypnotherapy, Reiki and nature connection, to name a few.  While most sessions will take place at the EnerBalance Wellness Center,  we will be venturing into nature (around Greenville) to combine the healings of nature and energy work for deep connections.  


Your first session involves a spiritual coaching session to evaluate your strengths, blocks, passions, fears… you will receive your DeFunk Your Soul home kit, filled with goodies to assist you during your healing journey as well as your homework.  The following week, you will participate in your first hypnosis session and receive the first part your workbook to engage in during your own time.


Each module is 4 weeks in length.  Week 1-3 will consist of a weekly 90-minute session of combined spiritual guidance therapy and energy work. The 4th week session will consist of a Quantum Reiki session and Ionic Foot Detox Bath/Mineral Soak  to release anything that has come to the surface during your self-work.

**At the completion of this healing container, you will have the option to attend a private weekend healing retreat for yourself + spouse/partner (must be over 21).  This retreat has been customized as a “relationship bonding  through energy work” weekend.  Details of location, amenities, meals, pricing, etc. will be provided at the completion of Module 3.


We start by healing the pathway to your past patterns and self-limiting beliefs so you can create an intentional connection with yourself, the Universe and your Spirit Tribe.


When your foundation is strong, then you are ready to dig deep within yourself to uncover and unfunk the parts of you that no longer serve your highest purpose.


Finally, you will have all the tools necessary to step into the flow of growth as you use your inner compass to navigate toward your True North so you can live a purposefully aligned life.

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