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Client Testimonials

"I've been in therapy with a licensed therapist for 6 months. This course had a much deeper impact and helped me adjust my thoughts and energy more in four weeks than in 6 months of therapy! I did not really know what to expect when I started this four-week journey. I just knew that I wanted to feel better. I have learned so many tools to help me in this! Jenny's caring, compassion comes through every step of the way while allowing me to grow, learn and change at my own pace, while encouraging me to dig deep and deeper still and holding me accountable. I have achieved more self-awareness and peace through this process than I could have imagined and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone with the slightest inclination to move forward in their life. The process seems simple until you work the weekly workbook, which again, seems so small, until you actually do the work and then go back and do it again and sometimes again. The changes I have experienced are truly life-altering and I am SO SO grateful for her expert guidance. From the bottom of my overflowing heart, thank you Jenny Burton - you have positively impacted my life for the better."  

S.M. Pennington, Navarre Beach, FL

"You know, when I came to Jenny Burton for help, I came as a happy, successful professional pianist with most of my life going very well. Yet I had had one nagging issue, emotionally, that had been plaguing me for the past forty years. It was something I had got used to, dealt with somehow - mostly unsuccessfully - sort of muscled my way through, as it was a constant, almost daily occurrence. I hated it because it got in the way of my communication - both on and off stage. (Sorry, I am purposely not mentioning the exact issue). After about three sessions with Jenny - both talking and doing energy work, the problem has disappeared. More importantly, it disappeared because of her bringing me to a place of loving myself more and not fighting this situation. Actually, Jenny isolated the cause - and let me know what it was - the FIRST time I saw her, but it took three sessions for me to actually GET it and live with the understanding of what IT IS. When you do THAT, you KNOW what it is and it disappears rather magically. You don't have to DO anything about it. She does a whole lot besides moving energy around–which is important and necessary to unblock, but which I can often not perceive. But the isolation of the thing that is going on has been remarkable. She is truly wise, loving, and charismatic, which is the result of her genuinely CARING about you and your challenges. The kind of healing she does is to bring you to a true understanding of what is "wrong". Not the symptoms, of which you have been aware for decades, but the actual cause, which comes from a better self-knowledge. I am delighted to have this problem a thing of the past, and I have gained a new friend into the bargain. A very enjoyable experience in every way."

Emile Pandolfi

"I met Jenny at a time of acute personal struggle and signed up for her Reiki healing sessions with some initial hesitation and trepidation. My experience in those Reiki sessions led me to sign up for her DeFunk Your Soul program. In both cases, I found Jenny to be insightful and compassionate as she guided me through personal growth and genuine life transformation. Jenny is extraordinarily gifted and I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her gifts in guiding me on my path. The journey she facilitated has been exhilarating, delightfully surprising and filled with wonder. An amazing experience, one I highly recommend!"

Mike M.

I had a wonderful energy cleansing of my home with Jenny! Jenny is pure light when you meet her, her presence alone helps. I was having a particularly hard day where I felt weighed down with grief over some family health issues. Jenny clocked it immediately when she came in. She was gentle with me, even gave me some crystals to hold on to which I felt immediately working to lighten me a bit. She got to work cleansing throughout my apartment and took extra care around my couch are where a fairly negative/high energy friend had stayed the week before. I felt confident that she got rid of any lingering “stuff” from her! The house felt lighter and airier and just BETTER when she finished. And she warned me I might feel tired because of all the work we did but boy was that an understatement! I fell asleep on the couch around 9pm for the first time since CHILDHOOD! (I’m normally very late to bed.) I got so much restorative sleep that night and felt like a new human that next day!! And so happy to come home to my fresh energy place. You can’t go wrong, Jenny is the real deal!

Erica Lustig, Greenville, SC

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