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Why Holistic Healing?

What does holistic mean anyway?  Is this some kind of witch doctor hoodoo healing?  Holistic refers to supporting the whole person through natural means.  When you take a holistic approach to your health, you focus on your wellness, in addition to the traditional symptoms of illnesses or conditions. 


It's important to keep the mind, body and spirit in balance in order to live a healthy, harmonious life.  When you are out of balance, it can cause dis-ease in the body, causing symptoms to show up.  Medical treatments aid in healing the external and internal physical body but until the mental, emotional and spiritual issues are uncovered, resolved and aligned, the physical symptoms will most likely return.

Healing yourself is a long, continuous journey. It takes true commitment and dedication so when you have obligations (work, partner,, it's easy to fall off track and not deal with the issues.  By having the support and guidance of a coach, you have someone that can help hold you accountable while holding space for you to heal.  The bonus of having a healing coach is the infusion of positive energy you'll receive throughout every session.


Jenny believes your body has the innate ability to heal itself through positive thoughts and natural healing elements. She also believes when you tap into your energetic connection with nature, you become centered, aligned and open to explore the free, bountiful resources that allow you to reach your highest , most vibrant self.

Oh, and if history repeats itself, she most likely was a witch doctor hoodoo healer in a past life ;)

In-person or distant Reiki, chakra clearing and alignment, crystal therapy, and intuitive readings are a just a few ways Jenny shares her energy healing gifts.

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