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DeFunk Your Soul

Break free from self-limitation + self-sabotage, reclaim your self-worth and become UNFUNKABLE


Guided by Jenny Burton, Spiritual Awakening Mentor-Quantum Metaphysician-Clinical Hypnotherapist-Psychic Medium

Discovering your authentic self and living in your truth can feel overwhelming, vulnerable and even impossible when you have been living in your untruths (the untrue BS, conditioned stories you've been telling yourself and possibly even believing) for so long.

It can seem easier to stay in that lower vibrational, mucky energy, even when it isn't serving you and your highest purpose simply because it's comfortable and what you know.


What if there was a way to open up to, feel and trust
that gentle nudge, hearing that little voice or thought that quietly whispers, "You really do DESERVE to live a purposefully aligned life"...and deep down, you know it's true.

You have found yourself here for a reason.

It's time to get comfortable in the uncomfortable~ this is where the growth happens!

Nobody said it's going to be easy but with my guidance and support, you have the opportunity to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking your inner wisdom for quantum growth and healing.

It's time to DeFunk Your Soul and embody the truth that is YOU.

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During this healing container you will have the opportunity to:

Gain spiritual awareness through Intentional Connection with the Universe

Establish an intimate relationship with your Spirit Team and Higher Self or oneness to create the life of your dreams

Unblock your energy systems so you can align your purpose with your life

Discover your authentic self to live in your truth of joy, happiness and connectedness to all

Unlock your inner wisdom for quantum healing and growth without the burnout

Transform your life and become UNFUNKABLE

You will have the opportunity to participate in healing modalities such as light meditation, group hypnotherapy, Reiki, journaling, inner child/shadow work + intuitive talk therapy... all while connecting with the grounding and revitalizing energy that is nature!  You never know when you will get another chance to experience a day retreat quite like this one so don't hesitate!

This is a LIFE-CHANGING investment in yourself and your life!

Mike M., Greenville, SC

"I found Jenny to be insightful and compassionate as she guided me through personal growth and genuine life transformation. Jenny is extraordinarily gifted and I am so grateful that she has chosen to share her gifts in guiding me on my path. The journey she facilitated has been exhilarating, delightfully surprising and filled with wonder. An amazing experience, one I highly recommend!"

E.P., Greenville, SC

"When I came to Jenny Burton for help, I came as a happy, successful professional pianist with most of my life going very well. Yet I had had one nagging issue, emotionally, that had been plaguing me for the past forty years. It was something I had got used to, dealt with somehow - mostly unsuccessfully - sort of muscled my way through, as it was a constant, almost daily occurrence. After about three sessions with Jenny - both talking and doing energy work, the problem has disappeared. More importantly, it disappeared because of her bringing me to a place of loving myself more and not fighting this situation.
Actually, Jenny isolated the cause - and let me know what it was - the FIRST time I saw her, but it took three sessions for me to actually GET it and live with the understanding of what IT IS. She does a whole lot besides moving energy around–which is important and necessary to unblock, but which I can often not perceive. But the isolation of the thing that is going on has been remarkable."

D. Baiden, SC

"Jenny has been an incredible person, guide, and healer as I have transitioned into a new phase in my life both career-wise and with changing family dynamics. Our sessions are precious to me because I am in a safe, nurturing space where Jenny is fully present and offers conversation and insights that I revisit again and again, even months later. I love that my sessions are both therapeutic and spiritual, and that Jenny is open to letting the energy of the day determine how our sessions progress."

Develop and implement a spiritual practice to create a strong, deep connection with the Universe

Rock Balancing

Establish healthy boundaries to prioritize self-giving and giving-self

Laptop Keyboard

Embrace the true authenticity of YOU; living in your values and passions

Hey there, I'm Jenny~

I guide the “funked up” version of you to break free from self-limitation + self-sabotage, reclaim your self-worth and become UNFUNKABLE.

My superpower is guiding industry leaders to DEFUNK YOUR SOUL™ by shifting your mindset and energetic frequency to align your soul's purpose with your business (and life).

People who work with me are open-minded visionaries who already know the business strategy and are ready to unearth and connect with your inner wisdom for quantum, heart-centered healing and growth.

It's a fact, souls like you allow me to guide you on your journey to a more purposeful, meaningful life.  During our time together, we will  develop a spiritual practice to create a strong, deep connection with the Universe.  We’ll  establish healthy boundaries to  prioritize self-giving and giving-self.  We will  incorporate the tools necessary to transform your belief systems and align your soul with your purpose so you can evolve into your true essence.

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The end result??
More purpose, more meaning and more joy in your life that will spill out into everything you say and do!
Step into alignment with the divine flow of universal energy and DeFunk Your Soul!

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