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The Ashwagandha Calming Tub Tea is infused with ashwagandha salt, dried albizia flower, dried lily, dried peony, ashwagandha EO and rosemary EO to soften, moisturize and heal the skin.  It also aids in easing muscle pain and soreness.   Toss it in your tub or hang it on your faucet and let your bath or shower water run over it.   Tub Teas come in a breathable drawstring sachet bag~Get all the benefits of an herbal soak without the messy cleanup afterward! (actual tub tea may vary slightly from image)

Ashwagandha Calming Tub Tea

SKU: Can Sat Tub Tea
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  • Estimated Weight: 4.5oz (140mL)

    Ingredients: ashwagandha salt, dried albizia flower, dreid lily, dried peony, ashwagandha EO, rosemary EO

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